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Yeah, I was right, way too tired to really post. I just got back from seeing The Secret Life of Bees and crying quite a few times. If anyone intended on going to see it please go now! And if you didn't intend on seeing it reevaluate your decision.

Before that was food and before that was the last day of Voodoo.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Dashboard Confessional covered a song that made me over the top happy and you know I'm going to post a video so there's no point in me ruining it and telling ya'll now. For a band I've waited years to see they were worth it in the best ways.

OH! And when I didn't think it was possible for me to love Panic at the Disco any more than I already do they went and ended with the song they did. Yeah, there's going to be a video of that too. In fact, I think I got most of their set. Sad, I know. Lupe Fiasco was AWESOME in so many ways it wasn't even funny- or it was 'cause he's funny. NERD canceled, that kinda sucked since I was looking forward to seeing them. Cowboy Mouth, as always, flawless.

So tired, and suck a long day tomorrow. Night!
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