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I didn't get to go to Dropkick Murphys tonight.... sold out. I wasn't buying a ticket until I knew I would be off of work in time and even the scalpers were gone by the time I got there so oh well >:(

Instead I bought my Toadies ticket to make sure that I don't miss them.

The Misfits and 3OH!3 are playing on the same night right next to each other (Misfits at HOB and 3OH!3 at the Parish) and I'm a little disappointed. I always seem to miss something for something else. NKOTB for Michael Buble, Cobra Starship for Conner Oberst, and this. I know my musical delema might night seem like much but THE MISFITS? Come on now!


It's been one of those really long days that kinda sucks.

Yesterday oops_in_the_apt and I were trying to figure out what to put on the back of our 'Team Edward' shirts we're getting for the midnight show and we've come up with these:

Because he watches you while you sleep
Shinier than his Volvo
Sexier than you since 1901
Because he's rock hard, if you know what I mean
He plays with his food
He angst more than Harry

And we couldn't not come up with 'Team Jacob' slogans for shits and giggles:

Imprinted men don't cheat
He'll hump your leg
Watch your children
He really will do anything for a scooby snack
He gives the best puppy dog eyes
It's great to have a pet
He doesn't know it's not bacon

If you've got any more to add I'd love a comment. We're going to get them on Sunday and some more options would be great.
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