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I've already seen Twilight twice, and I had completely different reactions both times.

First, it was the whole I want to throw my phone at the screen how could they fuck this up so bad? reaction. Jacob at the very beginning? Really? There was no lunch table seclusion goodness and Billy was driving? It was the little things- and the big things- that killed me. The time frame was cut in half and they didn't even really explain why it was the Edward reacted that way to Bella when they first met. I mean, he calls her his own personal brand of heroin but never gets into that he's never encountered someone who smelled like she did to him or how rare it was. I was really looking forward to the meadow scene but they used that to bunch together way too many events and it didn't even happen the way it was supposed to. They nailed Bella's relationship with her father and her clumsiness. There were random parts where she would just trip and/or lose her footing just enough that it worked without being over done. After the meadow scene (I spent my first half of the movie cringing and pissed the fuck off) it got much better. Alice was perfect. Emmett was spot on and Jasper.... I want a Jasper of my very own. I expected much more from Roseline, my biggest problem is (of course) that she's just not pretty enough although she had the attitude right. The baseball part was one I was worried about 'cause the outfits just screamed CHEESE to me but it was probably the third best part in the whole movie. The high schoolers were accurate for a small town and that they were kids wasn't over done or played too adult. They were kids! I hate it when movies misrepresent high schoolers- either they're too stupid, too smart, too ghetto or too Valley. They cut out the whole thing with the dance and skipped right to prom, which disappointed me.

Robert as Edward... I'm very happy. He did amazing. The times when he was going through someone's head you could see his reactions to their thoughts on his face, but only slightly. You only knew 'cause you were looking and I was looking. One of the things I loved about Edward in the book was the amusement it took in knowing some of the things people thought (Jessica about him, all the guys asking Bella out, etc.) and Bella always commented that she could see him smile. I was watching his facial expressions a lot, especially in one part with him and Carlisle. Slight raise of his eyebrow, jaw set a little more... yeah, good job Robert! Kristen as Bella was very good. She wasn't confident but wasn't meek. The parts where she would trip or step on her own feet were more natural than forced, not practiced, and you believed she loved Edward every time she looked at him. I'm pissed they didn't include as many scenes with just them as in the book- the lunch table, the trips in his car when they talk, when he's with her between classes. There was no reference to how he ends up sleeping at her house every night with her but he does tell her that he's been watching her sleep for months. They didn't show how they just became completely inseparable. But, um, the kiss scene.... previews don't do it justice.

Second time around was AMAZING! I knew my expectations for this movie were unrealistically high so I figured watching it again after some of the shock wore off and I already knew what was fucked I might like it more so when my mom called and said she played hookie and we should see a movie I dragged her. As a movie I want to see it again :) There were plot holes, of course, but for two hours and as much as they had to fit in I appreciated it much more after I blew off some steam about it. The prom at the end when Jacob shows up and the tension between Edward and him was more than I expected it should be from just the first book but it was perfect as a lead in to the next movie.

In conclusion: Sequel? Yes please.
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