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School woes. Oh, woe is me.

Several things have happened with the whole school thing that have made me really unhappy. While I knew changing majors would mean that I would lose a lot of my credits I thought since I was at least staying near the same subject it wouldn't be that bad. Oh, it's so bad. Apparently UNO has this thing where if you fail a class there you can not retake it somewhere else if you decide to come back to UNO. They won't accept the credit. Two classes right there. Oh, and the math that I was told I need to test even if I passed the classes at another college for the credits to count (which is why I ended up dropping the math at Delgado, and it was way easier there) was a total lie. The DEAN OF THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT didn't know what he was talking about apparently when he told me to lose the classes that wouldn't count. Yeah, two of them would have which means that I wouldn't have lost my financial aid had I not listened to him. Also, my field has no room for electives and that wasn't the case when I originally enrolled to do this nine years ago. Before you have your major field of study and you could chose a secondary or just do electives. Now you have to chose a secondary and that's where the space goes. No secondary choices were art, of course, which is where most of my electives are, but biology, math, chemistry, or social studies. Anyone wanna guess what I went with?

Here's the bad news: I may be enrolled as a sophomore towards the end of that term because of my credits but I've only actually completed one semester towards my degree.

I'm taking 16 credits this semester 'cause I don't want to be this far behind. Three English courses, one political science, a history, and one education course since the others interfere with my work schedule. Me and Erik are looking for a place to move in as soon as our leases are up so that's going to cut my bills in half hopefully and Trevor gets a room to boot. Yeah, I know, there are problems with that plan but starting next year I'm going to have to start doing observation hours so it's either cut down on school or cut down on work and I don't want this degree to take me five years.


I was really upset when all this happened Monday. Like I said, I knew there would be a set back but I didn't know how bad. I'm going to 80's night tonight as a last hoorah and having some friends over Saturday night for fun and girl time. After that it's 8a class Mon-Thurs.

There is more going on in my life I just haven't had the time to sit at a computer and put it in. Maybe sometime before the year is out?

Now to go pay my fee bill.



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Jan. 9th, 2009 02:24 am (UTC)
Yes, colleges suck. I ended up having to take way more classes than I would have if I would've just stayed at one school.

So.... Moving in with Erik again? Please tell me your lease doesn't end before March 20, otherwise I can't come. I can't afford a hotel.
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