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In the world of books I have just finished the second Sookie Stackhouse book (yes, I read Dead until Dark first) and while there is enough happening to keep me entertained I'm not really a fan of the writing. I get that she is writing from the perspective of an uneducated (but still smart, as we're reminded by the narrator at least five times a book) so it's kept pretty simple and at times just down right stupid, but I do want more from my reads.

This said, I'm still going to finish the series. I'm hooked by the soap opera style melodrama. Oh, and I really want to see Sookie get it on with Eric.

Reading the series helped me appreciate the tv show more, I'll say that. I just finished the last four eps that I hadn't watched the other night after reading book 1 and I found that I got more into the characters. Although I feel like the show hints at more and moves faster than book 1 (since that's where it ended for the most part, and the first chapter of book 2) that I might have been spoiled for book 3 before I even started (which happens today, my last day of really reading for pleasure for a while).

Erik came over and ordered my school books for me since I don't have a credit card. I got three of my books for $120 and that's including my most expensive book which was $132 at the bookstore. I am super stoked about this. I just need to get one more and that one was only $5 cheaper online than in the bookstore so I'm not worried about it.

Last night= FUN! Lost of Mario Party 8 and wine. Or, in my case, wine and whiskey. I really really like milk punches :)

That was the end of my social life.
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