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Friday Friday Friday.

Clean guinea pig cage, the kid got a hair cut (yesterday, but still relevant today), and I've been having a really bad week. There is no pin point on it, I've just been feeling like shit. Going a little insane, I guess. I was supposed to spend the day on the lakefront with some girls and some wine but last minute I found out the kid was having a parade at his school so I went to that instead (obviously).

I just really think I need some me time that isn't work, school, or him.

And I've been wanting to write again, which is kinda awesome. Problem is, it hits me while at work. It's been so long since I've wanted to write that I've lost the discipline of scheduled writing time. I'm going to have to train myself all over again. Drat.

All in all.... *sigh*

I need another Sookie book. Please!
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