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I had an interesting day. Worked a double (10a-12:30a) and Erik not only brought me to work, he picked me up. He offered to take me to go get the kid instead of taking me to my car and I told him I wanted to do my middle of the night jogging thing (since I haven't in forever). Thinking he wouldn't say yes I asked if he wanted to join me and he said yes. When we got to my house so I could change he started looking at my books and asking me questions about them and what I read. Huh? We got to my gparents street and I explained to him my routine and he starts telling me about how he doesn't do cardio, he mostly does weights. So we jogged and talked for 45 minutes with me taking it light so he could keep up.


And Sex Bunny icon again. I just love this little guy! Anyone else seen the video? No! Well, here it is!

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