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and today was a day just like any other

Oh, it's been awesome! Me and the kid have just been watching cartoons and eating tomato soup with croissants.

oops_in_the_apt and I have been having some serious Nip/Tuck time. We've just finished the second disk of season one and I think I have her hooked. I'm sure she's sick of hearing me say how hot Christian and Matt are but the whole reason you will ever catch me watching Charmed is for the few times Christian (nope, don't know his name.... Julian something or other) is on. I'm craving new Doctor Who but it's just not happening. RTD does not love me.

Does it bother anyone else how the male cows on Barnyard have udders?

Ever since my whole "I'm going back to English as a major" revelation I've been very happy. And calm. And sleeping. Sleep is good.

Two more weeks until jessicakmalfoy! Yea!!!!!!!!!