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Flogging Molly was AWESOME! The only other show I've ever been to where the pit cover nearly the entire floor was MSI but this time I actually got in it. Melanie, Tiff, and Aviva are by far right now in my favorite book. I wasn't even supposed to go to the show except Mel talked John into letting me off early and bought me my ticket since I couldn't.

Only annoying part of the night was the drunk couple that decided that an irish drinking band punk show was the best place to make out... and hit other people while doing it.

Next show I'm aware I'm going to is Jack's Mannequin, although there is some Michael Jackson tribute band that I might be at that's only $13. Ridiculous much? Very :)

Now I've spent all my spare minutes and have to go take a shower to go to work. Do I want to go?

Why, yes, today I do!
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