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musical update... no, there is no sound, your speakers are not broken

I decided to take a few minutes to check my email and GUESS WHAT!

Paper Route is coming April 4th!

Oh, best part- $13.50 for a ticket :)

They're not the main act but I don't care, I still want to see them again. They were the "very special guest" that opened for the Jack's Mannequin/Paramore show and I was blown away. Actually bought their ep (last I checked they only had two, no real cd yet) at the show, which I never do. I gushed about them on here after the show I was so impressed. I love The Parish, which is a way smaller venue even though it's still HOB and they have the best shows there. The last show I saw there was 3OH!3 and it's so small you really get to enjoy the show with out feeling like your going to see a band on display at a zoo.

OH! And Forgive Durden is doing a Razia's Shadow tour! I'm pissed about missing Bamboozle (just can't afford it since Jersey is FAR away) mostly for them (and more Cobra, FOB, 3OH!3, Gwar, Bloodhound Gang, and craploads more) since they're billed as playing Razia's Shadow and not just Forgive Durden.

I need to sleep. Early day tomorrow. The piggies are running around in their cage right now though and it's a bit distracting.
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