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I'm gonna regret this in the morning....

The great downfall of my city is the alcohol.

This being said I just spent the last three hours at a bar drinking with friends, listening to music, and bullshitting. I was having a really deep conversation about having kids with Natalie and I heard Andria ask the bartender if he had sweet tea vodka. He said yes and I shouted SHOTS! which got tons of laughter since no one knew I was paying attention and, well, shots. When we left I wanted to eat but Charter House was closed and my only option was the machine in the parking garage (jessicakmalfoy, the same one we stole my car from). Let me tell you- my raspberry cinnamon roll was not as satisfying as I would have liked.

Now I need to sleep. I have a double in the morning and I have to get there early to convince my boss to hire another bartender or at least train one of the waitresses to take bartending shifts so I can have days off. I just had to beg people to take my shifts last week and that was no fun.

This has no relevance to this post but my coworkers have been nagging me to write a book about our restaurant. Besides the fact that I think the market has too many waiter books (really, how many of those are really needed?) and my place is too recognizable I've decided to do it, or at least attempt it. Some of the things that happen at my job are beyond belief. If any of you come to New Orleans don't eat there. Seriously, we all ordered sushi tonight from somewhere in another neighborhood 'cause the staff barely eats the food they serve. Would you eat there?

And if I buzzed commented you, I'm sorry.