Allons-y! (moltobene1925) wrote,

the story so far....

You know what I miss? My intense Doctor Who love. I mean it. I haven't had access to my dvds and I feel disconnected. I take my enjoyment in phases. I go through music, movies (tv series count in this), and books. Right now I seem to be going through a music thing since I'm listening to a lot of new stuff and going through my old stuff I haven't been into in a while. Plus, concerts help. I've gone to Gaivn Rossdale, Better Than Ezra, Forgive Durden, and Jack's Mannequin in the past month. I would get tickets for Dick Cheese but it's $38 and that's before fees and taxes hit so no. Out of all those shows I only paid for two (thank you MOM!). I've also noticed that I have to charge my ipod more frequently since I've been listening to it more.

I've been trying to read the same book for two month. I pause and read other stuff but I just can't finish this one. Ever get stuck like that? It sucks. I really like it, I just can't get sucked in. I'm worried that I'm losing my ability to enjoy the less simple things. I need to get my ass back in school.

What else what else what else? Um, new place tomorrow but I won't move in until Tuesday. I don't want to leave the westbank. I have a feeling starting in June I'm going to have a lot more friends only entries. Of the bitchy variety.

I want an animated Supernatural mood theme. Anyone know of one?
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