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Kstew was a better guest

Apparently I'm using my lj post texting wrong since the two texts I sent today never showed up.

Gwen Stefani came in to eat at my place today with (who I am assuming was) her nanny, two men, and her two kids.

She tipped her waitress five bucks.

She got excellent service and no one bothered her. Should we have horded her and asked her for her autograph and been all OMG I KNOW WHO YOU R LIEK WOW!!!!11!!?

Funny thing is when she walked in the door I told my friend Natalie that it must hurt her to try to be that trendy all the time before she came all the way to the back and we realized who she was. I wasn't aware a day out with your kids including having your neon bra cups sticking out of your low cut shirt. But then again, what would I know?

Yep, I lost a lot of respect for her. Over a tip.

In other news, Drag Me to Hell was hilarious. Me and Anthony were giggling and grossed out in equal quantities.
Tags: adventures in the service industry, movie

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