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What I really want is *icon*

For my birthday a few things happened:

My pressie arrived from jessicakmalfoy. I can't tell ya'll what it is, I'm ashamed of my level of dork and how big I smiled over it.

I had chinese food.

Two fortunes were in my cookie. TWO!

I locked my keys in my car.

I rebought the Twilight dvd.

Made my son cry messing with him about his haircut. Had to get ice cream to make it up to him. Got mommy points taken away for that one.

Walked around all day in four inch patten leather red heels. Yes, I am that awesome.

Last but not least I get to have Thai food for dinner then drinks before dancing at 80's night until I am giddy. Notice that this last bit has yet to happen so anything can happen. ANYTHING!

I leave you all with Jack's Mannequin. Cause I finally finished uploading all the videos from all the shows I've been to over the past month. I didn't take my camera with me to Gavin so nothing on that front, sorry. Although I did get him doing some stuff on my phone but it won't upload to youtube for some reason. Anyway, watch if you have some time. I love this song.

Tags: so i hear it's your birthday..., youtube
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