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what a wicked thing to say.....

Time for a ramble-y post about music. I'm in the process of making the perfect bath time cd. Note, perfect for me, I am well aware that my relax music is different than everyone else's. I'm on the third mix of this, songs I love have been taken off because they just don't fit the bath time mood and blah blah blah. Anywho (hahaha) I'm listening the third list through right now on itunes but I'm not really going to know how it works until I play it while soaking with a bath bomb or bubbles with candles. The first and last songs are non-negotiable but I'm putting this up for your perusal and possible selections suggestions. Maybe you think the songs are right but the order should be switched or something? I have to take Jeff Buckley off because I just couldn't get him to flow right with any other artist on here. Um, yeah, some are covers and acoustics that you may not have heard, just let me know.

1. Cupid (bbc live lounge)- Amy Winehouse
2. Just- Mark Ronson w/ Alex Greenwald
3. Fire- Babyface w/ Des'ree
4. Danke Shoen- Wayne Newton
5. Dream a Little Dream of Me- Michael Buble
6. Across the Universe- Fiona Apple
7. Wicked Game (acoustic)- Chris Isaak
8. Paper Cup- Heather Nova
9. Trouble- Cold Play
10. Hurricane- The Hush Sound
11. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing- Jack Johnson
12. Absolutely Zero- Jason Mraz
13. Beyond the Sea- Robbie Williams
14. Behind the Sea (alternate version)- Panic! at the Disco
15. Konstantine- Something Corporate

There you have it, the tentative soundtrack to my once a week allotted break time. I did have Jack's Mannequin's Caves on there but I've found no song that begins slow and ends up louder, passionate, etc, works here. Beginning songs are a bit more upbeat, ending songs mellow, last song mesmerizing. Why, yes, I have been over-thinking the fuck out of this. The Sound of Silence was also on here but I couldn't make it fit between anything successfully either.

So let's hear it, what song would you put on here, or take off, or just really want to be all WTF is up with your head and this song?!? about?
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