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Erik's inability to knock....

siriusly, he just opened the door and I was laying on my bed in a t-shirt and underwear with my laptop on my hips and the light off. I think he said "we're home" and I asked him to close to door. He asked "why" and I said "close. door." and he said "why" and then closed it. So I put shorts on and go outside to promptly tell him how awesome knocking is. Then he said he sent me a text... which I got just now as I'm typing this... and I told him I didn't get it. He asked if I had someone in my room and I said no, I was chillin in my underwear and he needs to knock. He said he thought I was asleep and he was just going to check on me.

Am I the seven year old in the house?

(ten minutes later)
I just called him to ask, specifically, why he just opened my door. He said to check if I was asleep since my light was off. I pointed out that if my light was off why did he need to check. I also asked him if I EVER walked in his room without knocking. He said no. Then I made him repeat after me that knocking is awesome.

I always knocked on oops_in_the_apt's door and we have the same girl parts. And while, yes, this guy has seen me every which way naked that there is and in labor and delivery of his son, I don't think that gives either of us the right to just invade the other's space. Especially since the whole every which way naked that there is hasn't happened in almost two years (SQUEE! I'm proud of me!) and he has a girlfriend and I have no interest.

Knocking people. KNOCKING.


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Sep. 8th, 2009 04:49 am (UTC)
I thought that people learned about the door-knocking skill at around age... 5(?)...
Sep. 8th, 2009 08:55 am (UTC)
the kid had it down and he's seven. So, yup, he's developmentally behind.
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