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it's another post that has no real subject, but several small ones

The thing about sleeping all night and then all day and then all evening is that when it is night, I'm not tired. Really? Wow. I'm so surprised.

Evening out with Melanie was fun. I haven't seen her in over a week and I haven't been socially out in longer than that. One thing talking with her made me realize was how much I'm just not in the same place I was a year ago, let alone six months ago. I spent so much time fucking off after that whole debacle with Erik and UNO almost two years ago that I'm finally over it. I don't know why it took me so long, maybe it was because I was doing so well at the time, everything in my life was in place and everything I wanted was in sight and then BAM! it wasn't anymore. Not to mention the time I spent next to hating Erik for his part in the whole mess (which he still blabbers excuses and then fades out for. I really just want him to say "yup, I let you down and fucked you over like I tend to do. I'm sorry" but that'll never happen) and being angry at myself for putting myself in a position to be dependent on him. Like I'm not doing that right now...

One of the finer points of being up tonight was when I got home I was able to find Supernatural streaming off of and watch. Then, after that, I was throughly disappointed in The Vampire Diaries. This means, of course, that I will continue to watch it just so I can be more throughly disgusted by the utter cheesiness and Twilight movie rip-off of it all. If you're going to rip-off any portion of Twilight it should, under NO circumstances, be the movie. So, um, yup, time for the spoilerific LJ cut of doom.

I've seen basically all of the beginning through the leaks of scenes that appeared online, so nothing new there. The plane thing was total WTFery, but Castiel returning... oh, that was my wet panty moment. The minute he showed up I was all HOLY SHIT I MISSED MY HOTTIE!. I recently started following Misha on twitter and that dude is ha-lar-i-ous! When Bobby told Sam to lose his number I was definitely surprised but I didn't think it was too OOC considering Sam did bring on the apocalypse. The whole he was possessed and then stabbed himself- I thought he was dead! Oh My God! I was really pissed that they would do that to Bobby! Bad enough Jeffery Dean Morgan is never around (and his well fitting jeans) but Bobby seemed to be more like a father to the boys than their own dad. Oh oh oh! And the part with the girl who was writing the Dean/Sam fanfiction..... I died! I love how this show pokes fun at itself constantly. "This feels wrong" "I don't want to be right".... dead. So dead from laughing! I'd put money on it that they found what that girl was writing in a real fic somewhere online.

The end, though, yup, Sam deserved it. That little lost puppy look he gave Dean, utterly shocked that he was telling him they would never be the same... fuck that. He did choose a demon over his own brother. Dean has every right to feel that way. And he talked about his feelings. Oh, Dean, you are growing up! Just, please, take your shirt off more this season. It is the last one and you've only done it twice, and once was half-assed.

The VD
Here is where I admit I haven't finished it. I'm watching it megavideo and apparently I've surpassed my viewing time for this period. They're still at the party, drinking, and the chick has been killed. Damon hasn't made a face-to-face appearence yet. My problems with this- could the guy playing Stefan please stop channeling Robert Pattinson's Edward? Facial expressions, tone of voice, even the way he walks. It bothers me. I feel like he was picked for the part because he has similar bone structure to RPattz, and this pisses me off. Also, Elena- you're supposed to be blonde with blue eyes and full of yourself, not little Ms. Perfect. Do I think they picked this actress because of her similarities to Bella? Yes. Am I pissed that they took the boys out of Italy and made them Civil War New Englanders? You bet your ass I am. It's been years since I've read the books and if I remember correctly, Damon doesn't kill. They even note in the books that Elena figures out he's mostly talk by remembering him walking over a bridge with running water or somehow crossing running water, which the rules were the more blood you drank, the more powerful a vampire you were, the more you had to play by all the vampire rules. I like that they flashed the pic of Katherine, but it's not going to add up right. They also included the rings, but that was one of the things when I read the books that I thought was pure cheese. Yes, even at whatever-young-age-I-was I had a developed sense of cheese.

I'll finish watching tomorrow and I may or may not finish my bitchfest on this.

ETA: Apparently now my loud twitter is up and running again even though I've done nothing to make it so. Since I've been blowing up twitter recently I'm going to figure out how to go back in and cut it so entries are that big. Or just turn it off all together.
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