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the Doctor is on his way out...

For this most part this all very spoilerific, so it's cut. I got it from wikipedia, and I only copied the first two paragraphs. Want more? Go to the site.

A two-part Doctor Who special (the second part of which is reported to be called "The End of Time") will be broadcast during the 2009 Christmas season. This will be the last story for David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor prior to the character's regeneration into his eleventh incarnation, who will be played by Matt Smith. It will also be the last Doctor Who story written by Russell T Davies, who shepherded the series' return to British television in 2005 and has been the series' executive producer and chief writer since. Davies will be succeeded as executive producer and showrunner by Steven Moffat.
Bernard Cribbins, who appeared in the story "Voyage of the Damned" and throughout Series 4 as Wilfred Mott, grandfather of Donna Noble, will act as the Doctor's companion in this two-part story. Catherine Tate, who played Donna, will also appear, as will Jacqueline King, who played Sylvia Noble, Donna's mother. Other cast members seen during filming include John Simm, John Barrowman, Jessica Hynes, Elisabeth Sladen, Tommy Knight, David Harewood, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, June Whitfield, Barry Howard and Karl Collins.


I'm going to miss David, I am, but I will remain faithful to the show. Steven Moffat is the man, I adore him to no end. Last night me and Daniel (Ginger's fiance, where I hung out last night) started slinging Blink lines. Just, yeah, blink and you die</i>. Should have known that RTD would go out with a bang. This is going to be EPIC. It's going to be sad, I'm sure, and I know I'll probably cry (even though I don't cry much for tv), but I am looking forward to this.

Um, yup, me and the kid just finished Planet of the Dead. Siriusly, does the Doctor have to make out with all his companions? I think the only one kissed that didn't initiate it was Martha, and that was to have her attacked by aliens. Rose, while possessed, grabbed him. Although, you could argue that when he was the 9th Doctor he's the one who kissed her, but then she was Bad Wolf, so, you know, still possessed. Then Madame de Pompadour kissed him, and Astrid sure did grab him. Donna kissed him to shock poison out of him, and now little Lady Christina- but I can't blame her. I rather liked her. Am I missing anyone?

I'd also like to note that I adore all the Merlin/Doctor Who crossovers that happen. The BBC really is just an incestuous lot, aren't they?

See ya'll on the flip side!
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