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After, what, four months? I've managed to get furniture here. In. The. Rain. Downstairs my tv is hooked up to the receiver with a dvd player, wii, and my cd player. I have bookshelves (YEA!) and the futon is positioned strategically. It almost looks like people may inhabit this place. My box spring is right outside in the hallway, I'm going to put my bed together tomorrow night, maybe. I'll probably wait until Wednesday, though, since class starts tomorrow and I work then and Tuesday day. So, I'll probably be too tired.

It's still raining.

I'm seriously loving Supernatural this season! I love that this show still manages to be funny, and that they don't follow the patterns most shows get caught up in. I mean it. I love House M.D., fucking adore that show, but every episode goes the same way. So far the only two that have happened so far this season have been completely different but we'll see how this week goes. I'm still upset about my Kumar. But back to Supernatural- I'm glad to see the boys back to hunting! I mean, this whole Apocalypse story line is good, and I get that that has been what the entire show is about, but I'm ready for my boys to break out the shot guns again and do some good, old-fashioned hunting!. And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm still not eating well. Went to lunch (if you can call 2p lunch) with Anthony to The Equator. I <3 Thai food. Then spent my day organizing the homestead and running to Target to buy cords since I don't know where any of my hook-ups are for electronic things. The kid got an early jump on this week's homework since his dad won't be around to help until Thursday. He's back home, his grandmother died. Did I ever mention that I'm the worst person to be around if someone you love dies? Please don't call me for comfort, I'm awkward and will probably make you feel worse. I think I didn't fuck up too bad but, eh. Who knows?

I'm now going to watch Howl's Moving Castle since I ended up pulling a box of dvds from storage and it was in there. It's been months.

music suggestion: Mark Ronson's Version
It's the funkiest thing I've heard in a while. Other people's songs covered by other musicians all produced and mixed by Mark Ronson.
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