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fish are friends, not food

After a day of laying around with the kid I feel sick. I guess it's the 'not doing anything' that does it. But, on the up side, he's visibly feeling better.

Yesterday we went to Game Stop (ugh... I hate Lakeside Mall) and picked up two Game Cube controllers and Mario Party 5 and 7 so we'd have some things to do today. We also watched every Harry Potter movie I could find (I don't know where Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets are! oh shit!), Finding Nemo, and The Princess Bride. He killed a lot of chicken noodle soup from Whole Foods and drank more milk than he has in a week, but he said it makes his mouth feel better so... here it is, my weekend, let me show you the adventure.

I can't take any more soup so I just ordered online from Domino's (the Papa John's that delivers here sucks balls so bad- last time all my pizza toppings were on the other side of my pizza) 'cause they have this awesome chocolate lava crunch thing, and sandwiches, and some veggie pizza with parmesan bread. Idk, I'm hungry. Anyway they have this 'confirmation' thing that shows me exactly what they're doing with my order. It just went out for delivery! Yea! Siriusly, it's kinda sweet.

So, there you have it- with the exception of the update on the kid's health- a post of little to no merit.
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