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Since this has appeared in various other places....

The book that’s been on my shelf the longest: I still have my copy of Charlotte's Web from when I was a little girl. The kid found it yesterday and asked to borrow it :)

A book that reminds me of something specific in my life (a person, a place, a time, etc.): This would be Cry to Heaven for me. I was reading Anne Rice at the time, but was only in to the vampire and which series, although I had read Rames at that point. I think I was twelve or thirteen? I saw it, with the red cover and the gorgeous art and bought it... and didn't read it for months. I could never get past the first chapter. Then, that summer my mom sent me to stay with my dad for a few weeks and I just remember it was this crappy house where he lived with two twenty two year old girls and the entire place smelled like pot and they were always smoking so I read. It has since become my most reread book, my copy is covered with that plastic book protector stuff and is highlighted and written in everywhere. I love that book. I love the language, the flow, the rhythm of it. The pages are yellowed, the spine is hardly legible. It's still in a box somewhere post-Katrina in my stepfather's house. It didn't matter how many times I read it though high school and after I always thought of how difficult it was for me to get into because of the subject matter and that summer and all the time I spent with my father... and, yes, what a disappointment he was, and all the drugs I was around but didn't want to be and didn't want to tell my mom about. In hindsight I can realize that they were also doing a bunch of coke too, now that I know what people look like when they're tweaked out. It was the only book I brought and it became a really good escape. I read it three times back to back in those two weeks, very slowly.

A book I acquired in some interesting way (gift, serendipity in a used bookstore, prize, etc.): My paperback copy of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere was loaned to me by Erik's friend Daniel when I was 18. Daniel had loaned it to Erik and Erik's dad had thrown it out the house after Daniel and Angel one time when he kicked them out for visiting Erik. So, months later we're visiting Daniel and I see the book and he tells me the story of how he got it back, and it hitting him. Sometime later within a year I got kicked out the same way- but he threw a cookbook out after me. Good times.

Other than that, jessicakmalfoy sent me Lucas as a Christmas gift one year and I fell in love.

A book that’s been with me to the most places: That's a toss up between Cry to Heaven and The Great Gatsby.

The most recent addition to my shelves:That would be The Zahir by Paulo Coelho. I haven't had the, um, funds to purchase more books so I'm going through my book shelf right now. It was suggested to me by a girl in a convenance store and I went and bought it right away. Amazing story. I find sometimes that the translation of books from one language to another loses some of the story, and this one wanted to make me learn

A bonus book that I want to talk about but doesn’t fit into the other questions: There are so many! How about how Good Omens and American Gods are the two books I always gift to people. Or how no other author puts me in a mood to write like the way Michael Ondaatje does, especially In the Skin of a Lion. Or the first series of books that made me fall in love with reading was the Wrinkle in Time series my Madeline L'Engle.

A book that you no longer have:The cookbook that Erik's dad threw at me. It was all about how to make desserts with sweetened condensed milk. I loaned it to someone and never saw it again, but I can't recall who.

A book you have but don't like:Purfume: The Story of a Murderer. I cannot express enough how NO ONE should read this book. It isquite possibly the worst piece of literature out there, and that says quite a bit. Just- the ending! I have never been more disgusted by the outcome of a book in my entire life!
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