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I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you


The kid was thrilled by his gifts this morning- mostly books. When he opened Eragon he squealed liked a little girl. It was adorable. Also, Erik got him a pink lava lamp. I repeat... A. Pink. Lava. Lamp.

I hope everyone's morning was as fantastic as mine.

Work... balls to the wall busy. If you texted me today and I didn't get to respond I am so sorry but we had four servers and the first two floors of the restaurant stayed full. I got to eat two bites of manicotti all day. ALL DAY. That is, until I got to my mom's shortly after six and ate a plate full of her peas and rice that she made for me. I love my mom.

Apparently Erik likes his mix cd enough that it was playing when I got home tonight. Hence, the title of this entry. Although, I have finally figured out why after years of trying we never worked. It's nice to not have the wondering there anymore- if it was me or if it was him that's why our son can never a complete family. You see, he's not human. How do I know this? He hates Journey's Don't Stop Believing. He is clearly lacking a soul and proper sense of cheese.
Tags: adventures in the service industry, family, he who must not be named, holiday, muskrat
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