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Me and the kid just finished the two Doctor Who's The End of Time.

Timothy Dalton, major FTW!

I blew up twitter over it. Sorry, oops_in_the_apt, but it was necessary.

I have no words. No, I didn't cry, I never do, but I came damn close. Rose! My Rose! And Mickey and Martha married!!!.

The Doctor, how he didn't want to leave, didn't want to die, didn't want it to be over- it just broke my heart. And what the knock really was, the real knock of four times... my heart just stopped when I heard it. Because you knew, you just knew, that there was no way he wasn't going to save him. Donna, happy and in love, and apparently with a winning ticket *grins*

Thank you RTD for tying up lose ends. Thank you for giving us five amazing years. Thank you for giving me a show I truly love. Just- thank you.

The last person he wanted to see was Rose. ROSE! Before he died. And that her 2005 was going to be amazing.

If you're into Doctor Who and you saw it please please please talk to me! I may not be able to get back until tonight but I want to watch it again. That the Time Lords did that to The Master, that it was all them, and then they were going to destroy him. oh! The resurrection glove. That explains so much!

I'm excited to see what Stephen Moffat does with the show, and the new Doctor. He looks yummy. And the angels are back!



Jan. 13th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
OTT = Over The Top

I just watched it again and I've even more sure its the resurrection glove (or Risen Mitten!) ... BBC props!Fail

Watching it again was sad cause you knew how it would end with Wilf but it was also nice cause Wilf seems to know somehow as well... at least theres plenty of closure!