Allons-y! (moltobene1925) wrote,

The Princess and the Frog

Quick post about The Princess and the Frog.

It was amazing!

Before I review I just wanted to tell ya'll that when it was over people in the audience applauded.

Besides the fact that it was amazing and beautiful it was home. It was also an old fashioned Disney movie, complete with songs, a villain who was scary, and singing animals. I loved that Charlotte wasn't the ugly step-sister type, that she was actually a friend of Tiana, and wanted what was best for her. It was nice to see that for once Disney did not make the villain a female, and in fact gave the female lead a friend that wasn't an animal or a fairy godmother. Also, that Tiana was strong willed and independent, the main theme seemed to be that you should work hard for what you want, but not so much that you loose sight of what's important. I think that that is needed, especially with the way the world works today.

I know that was short, but I have to get ready for school tonight. First night of clinics. I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck! I'm going to touch people I don't know!
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