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it's always the quiet ones


I almost forgot to mention!

I worked with this man for a year and a half! I saw him five days a week! I never knew! He was always so nice and quiet and to find out he was some sort of white supremacist asshole elitist is kinda shocking. But since Cafe Maspero only employed two black people and three latinos during the entire time I was there it was probably the perfect place for him to work.

Apparently he had machine guns stocked at home missing serial numbers and everything. Holy shit!

This is why we always told Bobby (manager at Cafe Maspero) that he needed to do back ground checks on his employees. You really can just walk in off the street without i.d. and get a job there on the spot, cash in had, no tax forms required. Apparently he's tried to murder before? The secret service was at Cafe Maspero Monday and everything, looking for him. C-r-a-z-y.
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