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Not a lot of computer time due to moving. Oh, it was horrible! Water busted from washer connection so we had to stop cleaning because we would have tracked water everywhere and lost our deposit. My car broke down two days in a row (Feb 1 & 2) and I needed a new battery, which my mom bought me today because I didn't have the money. I pulled something in my back and shoulder so I couldn't finish my Swedish clinic last night. Instead of docking me the teach arranged for me to get 45 minute deep tissue work on my back. It's been the only highlight of this month.

I hate this month. Hate it.

I'm officially moved back in with my mom. Actually, I'm laying in her bed while she updates her calender. Family time.

I know I have so much more to say. I just don't feel like typing it. It's been Eugenie's No Good Very Bad Truly Horrible couple of days.

But I love you all anyway.
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