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Tonight instead of punishing muskrat for his misbehaving for the week I smothered him with attention. I only got him since three today so I got him food from my restaurant that I knew was his favorite, then we went to Lakeside Mall to get him a hair cut. While waiting I took him to the Lush in Macy's and got him the Olympic special edition bath bomb then let him pick a soap. Big surprise he chose the one that smells like chocolate:) Then we went to Godiva for some chocolate that I let him have after behaving during his haircut. And his haircut, the best yet!!!! On the way home we listen to Cobra Starship's Good Girls Go Bad on repeat while we sang at the top of our lungs.

He's covered in glitter. OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHA! It's all in his hair!

I managed to pamper him while not breaking his punishment. I've gotten nothing but kisses, I love yous, and smiles.

Now to snuggle and watch Neil Patrick Harris on the Oscars. God, I love that man!

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