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the 11th hour

Me and muskrat just watched the new Doctor Who and I have a few things to say. I'll cut it for those who haven't seen it yet, or plain just don't give a hoot.

I liked it and I... didn't. I didn't like Amy. I loved Billie Piper as Rose, ROSE WAS AWESOME! But Amy... I'm just not that impressed. The reason that I'm comparing Amy to Rose is they have the same set up- young, attractive, female-oriented jobs (Amy's overly so), and start with a boyfriend. I eventually warmed up to Martha and Donna was my fave to date (yes, she trumps Rose, but only by a hair. A very thin hair on the hair of an almost bald man). I did like how Amy refused to turn around while the Doctor was changing clothes. She seems a little more sure in herself as a woman than the previous companions. Martha was confident in her skills, Donna was confident in personality and morals, Rose was confident in the Doctor- yeah, she was a flirt, but she was the the safe fun one. She was.. playful? I don't know, I adored Rose. But, that's been more than clear. Amy is more independent. It's apparent she has no family. No parents, aunt that's never there. She's brash and on the tinge of rude but everyone seems to like her and know her. Her boyfriend is a push over but he would have to be with her strong personality. Just- I can't put my finger on it but she didn't fit.

Also, the Doctor was going to take a child as a companion? WTF?!?

And I have to say this- I don't think Amy really wanted to get married. She jumps in the TARDIS after the Doctor tells her he can have her back before the morning when she's been shown already that he doesn't return when he's supposed to (twelve years and then two too late). She has proof that he is always slightly off. So, yeah, maybe she wanted Jeff instead.

Back to it: I liked Matt Smith but it wasn't the automatic love that I had for Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Yeah, he's pretty. Yeah, he's random. Yeah, he's trying too hard. Or maybe Moffat wants him to. Idk, but it's just the first ep. I'm of course going to watch the one after that and after that and after that. IT'S DOCTOR WHO!

Moffat is changing things slightly to show that it's now his show and no longer RTD's. I think that's important. Doctor Who has been the child of so many different people for so long (writers and actors) that we need to be reminded that it's always changing. That he's always changing. The new beginning, slight change in the theme song, and Doctor Who logo change are a small, but identifiable, way to do that. Go Moffat!

But, yup, not a fan of Amy. Although the kid loved the new TARDIS.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.



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Apr. 5th, 2010 05:05 am (UTC)
'Also, the Doctor was going to take a child as a companion? WTF?!?'

He's taken all sorts as companion. A companion doesn't need to be long term or even serve as a "companion" in any sense of the word outside of just catching a ride. But I doubt he was going to do anything more than take her for a quick spin.

Smith did a good job. He pulled off being a cranky old grandfather figure well. Laughed like crazy as he threw food around.
Apr. 5th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
He needs to grow on me, I think. I didn't get on the whole "Oh he's young so he's going to suck" bandwagon that was going on when it got out he'd been cast because I really don't think age matters when it comes to talent. It's Doctor Who, I'm sold regardless. And he didn't make it clear if it was a spin or for real. She packed a suitcase! He wasn't conclusive! Moffat's a brilliant writer, my fave of the series for single eps. I hope he can pull of the whole series, though. It was nice to see the show go back to fun after it being really depressing for a while now.

I know the title "companion" is attached to anyone whose taken a spin in the TARDIS but I really only use it when referring to a long term companion. Or, a few eps at least. Wikipedia gives Astrid companion status and she was never on the TARDIS!
Apr. 5th, 2010 01:34 pm (UTC)
I was sold when he was dipping fish fingers in custard.

I liked Amy. She's brash, and you can tell she's been itching to get out of there, to have an adventure. And I love that they've already allowed her family and friends to know about The Doctor already-as part of her childhood stories, and that she's had to go through therapy, and that hey, that kinda messed her the fuck up. So she doesn't trust anyone, but hell if that doesn't stop her from trusting him, because she reverts back to being Amelia, sitting on her little suitcase.

Thing is, yeah, she's had enough experience with him to know that she's not going to get back in time for her wedding. I can only hope that this means she isn't going to go all ga ga for him (I mean, she's known him since she was a child! Bit weird), even though she's putting her wedding in jeopardy.
Apr. 5th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
Her set up is good but I don't know if the girl can act it out well. I'm giving her a chance, though. I came to this with an open mind, if not already a bit in love with Moffat.

Maybe I'm just to stuck on Donna?
Apr. 5th, 2010 06:36 pm (UTC)
I miss Donna as well : ( But...I can already see that Amy is different. And yeah, she's younger, a little less experienced, but at the same time, experienced, and I like that. I actually thought that she was going to end up being a police woman (no, really-in one of the promo pics, it showed her in the police outfit, and I came to that conclusion...wrongly, but it's what I came to anyway), and yeah, it always seems a bit easy to have someone who's pretty much stuck in a dead-end job to become a companion at the drop of a hat, but isn't that the truth? I mean sure, maybe someone with a job and life (like Martha) might jump in the TARDIS, but it definitely wouldn't last very long-responsibility raises it's ugly head, and oh my god, I have no idea why I've gone down this path of thought.

Umm...yeah, never mind. I like her! Hopefully she'll be useful and not a useless lump of coal.
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