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Should I just make this a fandom journal?

I just finished the new Doctor Who and it's happened. I like Amy Pond :)

She's adorable! Maybe the first episode was her being angry at the Doctor for not returning for twelve years? She's efficient and doesn't freak out and cares about the Doctor. I didn't like the hug at the end just because I think their relationship is progressing a bit fast. It's their first trip and their second adventure. Not that I'm pissy about them getting close, I don't see romantic batty eyes on her side, which makes me happy. The Rose/Martha thing was enough. It's just that friendships take a while to become close. It took a few trips for Rose and Nine to become close, for there to be trust and respect. I think Moffat is pushing the Doctor/Companion bond too quickly. It needs time.

Oh, and Matt Smith- for those that worried because he was young who fucking cares?!? He's a great Doctor. He's different from David Tennant, which I was really worried he would try to emulate too much. He's not. He's his own Doctor.

Moffat is clearly taking a new direction than RTD. This episode was written by him and it was fabulous. Dark, mysterious, and just a bit twisted. But not scary. If the show keeps delivering like this for the rest of the season then I will be delighted.

The Starwhale! Oh, so sad! And it says a lot about the truth of human nature that we would chose to enslave something rather than accept it as it is. I hate saying this but history has shown us that we would rather crush something and control it when we don't understand it. Animals, people, civilizations... Yeah, that part was believable.

Spoilers in comments if anyone wishes to discuss.

I also now follow the actor who played Micky on twitter. I am such a dork.
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