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Aang is bald!

My kid is my kid!

So, we went to get him a hair cut today. The girl I brought him to last time had quit, plus muskrat was on the West Bank, so I brought him to the Regis in Oakwood Mall.

His head is shaved. We decided to leave the bangs. By "we" I don't mean it in the royal sense, I mean me and the kid. The guy thinned them out and then trimmed them so they were only a little in his eyes and fashionable but the end result is shaved head (on number four) and bangs. It's a little punk rock but in the realm of acceptable so I think his school will let it fly. Plus, he started baseball on Saturday and I'm sure it's more comfortable than the shag we've been letting him rock out for years now. If you've seen the pics I post of him you know we keep his hair long and slightly trimmed in the back (except for the occasional mohawk) I haven't shaved his head since he was two.

Oh! Fun Fact!

Anyone remember five years ago when he busted his head on my coffee table by spinning in circles, getting dizzy, and falling? We spent hours in the e.r., each of us covered in his blood, for two staples in his scalp. You can see the scar now! I had forgotten about it until midway through the haircut I saw it again.

I'll post pics later on a friends only entry. If no one has noticed I'd like to point out that I don't use my kid's name on public entries or on my twitter so please don't use it as well.
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