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Somehow me and the muskrat ended up in Destin over the weekend. Well, Sunday and Monday. It was amazing! I had never been, and neither had the kid (obviously) but WOW. I mean it, the beaches were beautiful, the room was amazing, and the water park was a blast. I'll post pics as soon as I get them off my camera. I did bust my diet for four straight days but I made a deal with myself (and jessicakmalfoy) that when I got back to New Orleans it would be back on the wagon full force. For the first few days I've placed myself on heavy restriction and I've done great so far and tomorrow I'm allowing myself a little more leniency and so forth until I'm back up to par. I gained three pounds back. How the hell do you gain three pounds in four days? Must have been the no exercising since I hurt my legs but I went jogging last night and I'm skipping tonight so I'm not pushing myself too much.

It's weird that sometimes I don't notice that my tastes in things are changing until I have to do things like completely wipe my ipod and the music I add is nothing like what I've been listening to for the past five years. Guys, I took all my Fall Out Boy off. I still love them, but lately I've been feeling violins and things more melodical. I'm also wearing skirts again, which pleases me. I'm reading more, too. Granted, it's next to crap (I finally finished the Supernatural novel Nevermore and, yup, CRAP) but it's reading. I'm watching less tv, and have been more social lately. I guess things are on an upswing this week? Idk, but I feel more centered than I have in a long time. I've gotten more ideas for original fiction in the past week than I have in a few years, now I just need to sit down and write.

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