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I'm about to watch the season finale of Doctor Who.

Wish me luck.

Just, the ending! Ahhhhh! And that next season it's going to be Amy and Rory as companions!!!! Because they told everyone goodbye, and the Doctor dances, and I think they need to stick with ginger companions.

Funny how when this season started I just wasn't so sure of Amy and now I adore her and Mr. Pond, because that's how it works.

And River! I'm ready for spoilers! Well, not really, no spoilers, please, but I want to know!

The scene when the Weeping Angels first returned I was put off by that part when Amy had her eyes closed and the Doctor came to her and the whole "You need to trust me now more than ever" thing and when he kissed her forehead it just seemed way too intimate for where they were at that point but in retrospect it wasn't anymore. Because it was him, now, and he and Amy are like that now and the flash back to the trip to outer space Florida (I think) I love how they show that they take other voyages that don't make it on the show so you know more time has passed than just what we're allowed to see.

Moffat, you have made me so happy. You did for the show what I wanted you to do, you fulfilled your potential from the few handful of eps we got to see with RTD. You gave us a clever Doctor that is not perfect, a companion that is independent yet loyal, separate relationships and story lines that work and do not feel vacant. I rooted for Amy and Rory, wanted them to be able to find each other. I adore RIver and the Doctor, that she knows so much more than he does, and that she obviously has a different rep. With the Dalek when it assumes that because she's a companion she will show compassion and she tells it who she is.... it begs for mercy. I want to know who River Song is! The Doctor already trusts her enough that he gets her to fly the TARDIS by herself, and when they're at Stonehenge and Amy is talking to River like she already knows about the time they met before and River has to correct her and she's all "SPOILERS!" ahhhhhhhh!

I was so worried that Amy would no longer be the companion because she married Rory but when they both got on at the end :DDDDDDDDDD

I love Rory. I love that he waited for her, that she was broken and didn't care about not existing because she didn't want to exist without him, that he takes her strong personality and, even in his submissiveness, is never subservient to her. They work. He wants something normal, and something more, for the two of them. But he wants everything she wants at the same time, which is adventure. I just- guys, I adore him! I want a Rory!

I will say, I did already adore Amy by the time the Doctor and Vincent ep but that was the one that made me love her. When they're all laying on the grass and holding hands and the way she talks to him and.... yeah, so very happy with this season. The flow of the ending, how the pieces all fit together and you could just tell it was meant to be that way, planned to be that way, and that it wasn't completely resolved...

There will be no comparisons to Ten or any of his companions because this is a whole different universe.

In the Vincent ep when Amy promises to stay with Vincent outside and when the Doctor leaves van Gogh asks her, "Are you going to go after him?" She says "Of course."

Most. Random. Entry. Ever.
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