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Minions became and Act, and then there was this

Hello! About to get ready for work (more on that later, or maybe not, idk, this is me) and I just wanted to update with this.

I don't know how many of you keep up with Supernatural or Misha Collins in particular but the man is kind of amazing. And I'm not saying this in a fangirly "Oh Em Gee! He's so hot!" way, but that he puts himself out there to do good things in this world and encourages others to do them as well.

Seriously, it's for a really good cause and I would love to donate but I just started work Monday after being unemployed for well and over a month. Hell, I'm sure it was almost two but I don't want to think that far back.

The website is *here* and even if you can't donate please pass the word around.

Ciao honeys!
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