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I'm no one's wife but I LOVE MY LIFE!

I got an email from Kikwear today. Anyone else but me remember Kikwear? Oh, my high school days!

For some reason (let's blame Glee) I've been watching a lot of musicals recently. Cabaret (OMG AMAZING!), Funny Girl, Funny Woman, Gypsy, Chicago, etc etc. And listening to the soundtracks. Here, have a free showtune.

I also posted a piece of fanfic last night to two communities. I'm waiting for it to come out of queue in a community until I post a link on my journal because the community it was accepted in only allows members only to read and I'm not making anyone join a community just to read a small piece of gen fic. Even if it is Supernatural. Yes, I am happy I finished it.

I'm exhausted. Work and school are both kicking my ass, not to mention I've been having a bit of a social life as of late. I went to see Eclipse last night with my friend Raven that I haven't really seen in four or five months. She happened to be at Cafe Maspero right as I was visiting Melanie (and having lunch with a coworker) and we made plans for that night. Today I stopped at Sake and saw Maya, Mariecar and Thao. I saw Margaret for a minute over the weekend. Point is, I'm sticking to my trying-to-get-my-life-back plan.

Does anyone else rejoice in pumpkin season the way I do? Everywhere there are pumpkin flavored things! Godiva has the dark chocolate pumpkin truffle in. GO!

Side note: For my True Blood peeps- what did you think of the finale? I loved it, but I know the series is cracktastic and don't expect more from it than I expect from the books.

Also, hello to all my new friends I've picked up in the last month. Hello :D
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