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cooler than me...

I just got back from the Mike Posner and 2am Club show! I got tickets for free this morning as a last minute thing and had no one to go with so I was just going to bow out and then Sarah (oops_in_the_apt's bff) called me to see if I was at the Cowboy Mouth Wednesday at the Square show today (I wasn't) while I was in class. I texted her back and asked what she was doing tonight and bam! she went to the show with me! I haven't seen this girl since April (last Wednesday at the Square Cowboy Mouth show, go figure) and we had a blast! 2am Club was everything I wanted them to be (they were the reason I wanted to go) and Mike Posner, well, I knew nothing about him but the boy is a joy live. Crowd pleaser and you can tell he was loving every minute on stage.

Well, peeps, I am a bit drunk on too much Stella Artois beer and music so I will bid you adieu and go to sleep now.

I just love impromptu nights with awesome people and awesome music. And awesome conversation. She and I don't see each other often but when we do it's always a good time.