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do what ya wanna

It's time for Wednesday in the Square again! Except they're calling it something else since it's fall, but it's still the same thing. Still the Nutella and banana crepes (YUM!) and free music. There's other things there, too, but me and Muskrat go for the crepes and music. Today- Rebirth Brass Band!

My week so far had been really relaxed, half day of work Monday (I got cut at 12:45), Coco Rosie show that night with Anthony, and my Tuesday was spent with oops_in_the_apt. Today I watched movies and slept before getting the kid from school and dancing it up with him in the dirty. I've seen four movies this week and only one wasn't crap. I'm trying to go through movies I have on my portable HD and, yeah, so, don't watch Blood Creek, The Proposal, or Just Like Heaven. Do watch Restraint, total mindfuck of a movie but so good.

Anyone else catch Glee last night? Heather Morris' body is fucking sick! I mean it. I know some of the kids got hired to dance and have barely opened their mouth (I'm looking at you, Harry Shum, Jr), but Brittany's one of my favorite characters. Just, the things that come out of her mouth! LOVE HER!

Also, My Chemical Romance has a new song out and I love it! It's nothing like what they were doing the album before that, or the one before that, or the one before that. That's one of the things I love about their music, it's always changing. It's was great for road tripping to Baton Rouge yesterday. Especially seeing as I missed two turns on two separate occasions so the trip took an hour longer than it should have. Na na na na na na na na na na! It's still stuck in my head!

Now it's time to wind down for the evening, put the kid in bed, and then crash out to some Supernatural. I think I'm going to rewatch last week's since Mel's tv is set weird and you don't get most of the side of each shot. I noticed it because I don't think they meant to mostly zoom in on Dean's eye last ep.