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and I think to myself...

I have a mosquito living in my bedroom. I say "living" because I don't think it has left... for a few weeks. I have woken up with bites and gone to sleep with it buzzing in my ear. Why would it need to leave when it has me to munch on? I'm sure I taste delish so why would it go elsewhere?

In other news (or maybe related) I am drowning in Lush products! I started training there this week and they gave me homework. HOMEWORK! This means I got a bag of Lush goodies to bring home and try. Some of the things I got were Sweetie Pie, Glorious Mud, Stepping Stone, Cupcake fresh face mask, and several other things to try on my face. The ones I linked are the ones I've tried already. Yes, I love them all! Right now I have Brazened Honey on my skin and it smells so good I want to lick my face. The new Gorilla Perfumes came in Thursday and we all had to dress like hippies at work for it. Some smell yummy, others just smell flat out amazing. Right now my two favorites are The Smell of Freedom and Lust (which smells just like the Godiva shampoo puck), but if anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for a little girl Imogen Rose is perfect. It's very innocent and light, reminds me a lot of the best days of summer when I was a kid. Yes, corny, I know, but true. My job is awesome!

This awesome job is also the reason I haven't been on LJ. School started back up this week and along with that I've had work every day, because on my two days off from Primo's I was at Lush. Except on Tuesday, which I went in to Lush at 8a and then to Primo's at noon. All of these days I've worked and then went straight to class after, including today. Total in all- people, I am pooped. We managed to run out of class tonight in time to catch Supernatural and, I have to say, I'm totally disappointed in this season so far.

I don't like Sam. I don't trust him, something's not right, I want to punch him. And the whole 'Grandpa Campbell' deal I think is Sera trying too hard. Or maybe she just has a hard on for Skinner, idk, but there is such a thing as too much fanservice (see, icon explained other than just seeing Misha shirtless). Everything so far has had a pretty choppy delivery, and I don't mean the boys' acting. I mean the story lines in general. Also, tonight's episode with Castiel was poorly delivered. I understand that the first eps of the season have to set the tone and story lines for the rest of it, and yes, ending the Apocalypse completely closed those doors completely and now they're starting from scratch but they started from scratch before... you know, when the show started. We were lead into things, but still got entire episodes that weren't about what we needed to know to survive later in their world. Right now it feels like the story of the episode is actually only fourth on the list of what the episode is about. The shapeshifter ep (6.02) was more about not trusting the Campbells and the shapeshifter became filler. Tonight I wasn't all "Yay! Cas is back!" it was more "Sam has another game on the side, oh, here's a random Angel, Cas say a few stupid things that were badly placed comic relief, and hey, did you know there were murders?" Also, how the fuck was Dean so pissed about them torturing a kid but no one blamed the kid for murdering three cops in cold blood? Was I the only one that was bugged by this?

I'm not liking how much Sam is giving Dean shit about having a family. I want Dean back on the road as much as any good fangirl, but really? He abandoned his brother for a full year and then just pops back in and is all, "You need to leave Lisa and come with me and hahahahahahaha you're a soccer mom!" Although he doesn't outright laugh at Dean like the rest of the Campbells there's still digs that are past their constant ribbing on each other. It was Sam who wanted Dean to have a family, he pushed him into it. It was Sam who always wanted normal so why is he giving his brother so much shit for something he thinks Dean should have wanted all along? Dean does seem a little softer than he was last season, but he's had a year to settle from the Apocalypse, it's to be expected. You know Marry, Fuck, or Cliff? The last five season it totally would have been marry Sam, fuck Dean, and cliff whoever-else-was-the-choice. I know Sera said they were reversing their characters but damn, it's over the top. Although, Sam has made the fuck list too because they have Jared walking around a lot with his shirt off. Just.... unf.

I'm also rewatching season 2 to go to sleep and I forgot how good it really is. I usually rewatch 1 or four, and even three because it's short (yes, I go to sleep to Supernatural, sue me), but typically never two. I don't know why, this is the first time. There is so much foreshadowing for season five it's crazy! I think it's making me miss the Dean-Sam dynamic that is missing so far this season because they really were close in two. In season one they were getting there but it wasn't until season two that you got what they were to each other. I get that now Dean is upset that Sam didn't tell him he was back and that's why he's being distant (plus, you know, Sam is obviously keeping things from him) but Dean doesn't want to "talk" about his feelings. That's a Sam thing. Just- Sera, bring me my boys back. Please.

I have more bitches about this season but I'll leave it at that so far. No bitching so far about Glee, though. Glee is flawless.

OMG GUESS WHAT!!! I killed it! It landed on my arm while typing and I killed it! YAY!

Time to wash off my mask then die in my bed. Work again tomorrow, then a few hours with the muskrat before going out with the_tainted for her bday mustache bash. Then Sunday day back to work again, more time with the kid, and trying to see Amber before she leaves back to Florida. I get to see this girl once every two years and I don't want to not see her and make it four.


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Oct. 9th, 2010 05:25 pm (UTC)
I haven't watched 6x03 & honestly I don't know if I want to. Your blog sums up basically how I feel. I'm almost certain this year is it. I hope it is.

I'm glad you love your Lush job. I think it would be cool to work at one. I'll be doing some Lush shopping next week in Vegas :) I'm gonna get a few Halloween/ Christmas items. I still have SO MUCH LUSH from when I ordered at the online Christmas sale!
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