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livestrong or die hard? Maybe? Idk

I like this icon. I think it's one of my longest running ones that I haven't deleted.

I decided to start posting my recipes on so I can figure out their nutritional value per serving. Since they have next to everything in their data base all I have to do is enter what I use, the amount, and then it converts everything by measurements. It's so quick and easy and I have no math to do. In other words, perfect for me.

I've also decided to start a blog on there that keeps up with my food intake since basically the entire thing is a food journal anyway. If anyone is on Livestrong you can find me on there under this handle. I like to keep it simple, classy. Also, harder to forget if I don't have 20 user names lying around everywhere.

Also, no, I have not seen tonight's Supernatural and probably won't have time to until Monday. Poop.
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