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Long entry about food, diet, and health. TL;DR

I just wanted to post something quickly before I go jogging.

When I decided to go back vegan I knew I wanted to do it right this time. Which, for me, means cooking my own food, watching my green intake, and keeping track of how much I eat. Being a vegetarian is much easier, and you have so many more options for cooking and making sure you eat right. Being vegan is harder and it's easier to slip into the french fries and bread routine. That's why I decided to keep track of my food intake on livestrong, so I could see if I was getting the right amount of the things that mattered and in the correct percentages.

The problems I have come across are basically two. One would be that I can't hit the right amount of protein. I knew this would be hardest, especially since I'm not really a tofu person. I think it tastes like bland scrambled eggs and I don't even like real scrambled eggs. I had two cafe au laits with soy milk today, but that's only a temporary fix. I need to find better ways to up my protein, while also (hopefully) upping my calorie count. That leads into problem number two- my calorie intake. I think it sounds kinda whiney to bitch about not hitting my calorie marker, and not even making it to the 50% point (and that's not including calories removed for exercise) but I want to make sure I'm eating right. I don't want to add lots of wheat to my diet (this would take care of the calorie intake) because that's mostly empty calories and I want to watch my omega fatty acid consumption. Yes, I take fish oil, it's the one thing I'm not stopping as a vegan because it's benefits far outweigh the negatives of the vegan lifestyle. I know I could take flaxseed oil to compensate for the omega 3 but what you also get from the amount of flaxseed oil you have to take to equal fish oil isn't really good for your body in the long run. These are things I have been looking into for months, and I spent a good deal of time talking to professionals about vitamins because I do take so many supplements I wanted to see what I could take that was vegan/vegetarian and what would help me in my life.

I'm digressing.

I average somewhere between 500-600 calories a day. Livestrong has me set at 1,285 to be able to lose 2 lbs a week. I don't want my body to not get what it needs but I simply am not hungry. I cook my own food, and package it and bring it with me for the day. Often I don't finish what I bring because I'm full. My little side of brown rice and carrots went untouched and I gave away my soup to a coworker :(

I talked to my AP&P3 teacher today about all this and I even pulled up my livestrong on my phone and showed her my past week's worth of eating. What brought it up was in class she started talking about the omega fatty acids (which was awesome, because I got real interested in those months ago when I started taking fish oil) and healthy eating. She's a Dr. (titles and degree earned) and she specialized in her field on how nutrition affected the healing process of the body. We spent some time in class (after I brought it up because I'm a dork) talking about how keeping you body alkaline prevents cancer because cancer can not grow in an alkaline environment (this is the next thing I'm thinking about trying to do). She went on to talk about how you could overeat unhealthy foods because since they're empty of the things your body needs your body will keep accepting them as you eat them. Basically, it's hard to get truly full for hours off of the bad stuff. But if you eat healthy, nutritional foods your body gets full and stays full. I told Melanie that I wish I could get hungry, because I'm tired of trying to force myself to eat. Teacher heard me and told me that if I wanted to get hungry I should exercise. To this I told her I jog two miles a night. Her response, "Um, wow." This is why I brought my problem to her on our break. She asked me about my eating habits before going vegan and I admitted they weren't exactly stellar. She said right now my body is going through my storage and wasting through the stuff that's built up that I didn't need, that I shouldn't worry about my calorie intake or that I'm not hungry because in a few weeks that will plateau and I won't have any problem. Also, that I supplement means I am getting what I need that I'm not hungry for right now so this is all completely normal.

Now I'm less worried. There's still the problem of protein but I think I can figure that out. I'm already watching my greens intake (broccoli and collared greens) for iron and calcium and eating the right amount of wheat in a day to get what I need but not too much of what I don't.

Sorry to bore ya'll with this. I would say I'm thinking about making a filter but that would be a lie.
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