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Woe is me.

I sliced my finger open at Primo's today. I was only there for five minutes to pick up some to go food and go back to Lush and I sliced my finger bad. It took three paper towels for it to stop bleeding and I'm about to apply my forth bandaid of the day.

Tomorrow I have Christmas training at Lush. I get to find out about all the new Christmas products and see them demoed, hopefully play with some stuff. I'm really excited! I. Love. My. Job.

Now to go jogging (which I already logged I did so I have to do ;) and come back and cook stuffed bell peppers for tomorrow. I already cooked my rice so when I come home I'll just grill up the onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes then put them to bake while I shower. I find cooking my food has helped a lot with the whole vegan thing.

My finger hurts to type. I'm going to stop now.