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If you read any part of this read the last paragraph

I decided to get the kid a netbook for Christmas. It's this one here. It has a webcam so he can chat with his cousin in Qatar! See the price? I paid $150 for it! Bestbuy sent my mom an email saying that they were inviting her to a pre-Black Friday online sale today. So, she ordered it for me! YAY! I was all prepared to wait in line at 1a to get the ticket number to be there at the ass crack of dawn Friday morning to try to get one of the eight that are going to be at every store but this is so much easier. And now I get to sleep!

Guuuuys! I'm so excited! It's something I know he wants and I know he won't ask for because he thinks it's out of price range. She got it online today and it was at the store for her to pick up so it's already here. One night when he's not here I'm going to load it up with all his music that's on my laptop and and his tv shows. Now I'm on the look out for a really cheap, but nice, mp3 player. His Disney one died ages ago. had a Zune for $60 a few weeks ago and now I wish I would have gotten it when Melanie told me about it. I'll just keep an eye on there to see if they come up with anything else before Christmas.

I've been buying a lot of sheets lately. Massage tables use regular twin sheets and Target (I heart Target) has their black 225 count sheet sets on sale for $7.73 from $11.99. I have two sets I've used and four that I haven't even opened. I don't know when they started this but me and Melanie cleaned out the Targets here and oops_in_the_apt is going do the same to the ones in Baton Rouge for me. You can only use sheets about four or five times before you have to trash them because of oil build up. It becomes rancid and stinks up the sheets, as well as stains them. Washing sheets right after you massage helps but there's no telling what may happen. Point is: super cheap sheets, buying them all. Funny thing, it's only the black ones that are on sale. After Christmas I plan on buying all the Christmas themed ones really cheap, as well. I don't think my friends will care what their sheets look like since I don't plan on charging them that much.

More fun things in the world of massage therapy. Have I told ya'll about epson salt and apple cider vinegar baths? You should take one. It pulls all kinds of nasty things out your skin and body as well as puts a lot of good things in. Relieves muscles, kills stress. As therapists we're suggested to take one once a week. Um, I took one three + months ago for my Hydrotherapy class and haven't taken one again until tonight. Yeah, wow. I smell like a salad but the amount of dead skin that I rubbed off my body and the way the water looked told me I needed it. TMI and gross? Take one. It's two cups of epson salt and two cups of apple cider vinegar, twenty minute hot bath. By hot I mean hot. During the twenty minutes if it cools down add more hot water. If you do it get back to me with your results. I'm curious.
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