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I need Killjoy icons!

Anyone else have Danger Days yet? Better yet, anyone on my flist even listen to MCR?

Ok, so it's amazing. I mean it. It's vibrant, it's danceable, it renewed my faith in rock. I've been listening to more bluesy-jazz type things recently (The Heavy, The Black Keys, Ben Kweller, Etta James, etc) and have gotten to the point that I don't even have Fall Out Boy, Panic, or Cobra Starship on my playlist anymore. The music I've been listening to for the past five years or more has just kind of fizzled out of my life. Not that I don't love it, I just find my head somewheres else. It seems to have moved around a lot in the past six months, actually.

Onward. I love the concept. I haven't listened to it enough yet to really post a dedicated review (and I know they're already out there) because I work so much I don't have time to listen to music the way I used to. I've only listened to it front and back five or six times. This album has tons of singles on it, and that makes me ridic happy because the two videos they've put out so far has been down right inspiring. On the list of people who's brain I'd like to poke with a fork Gerard Way makes the top five.

On to Gerard Way... so, apparently he's drinking again? This is not rumor, he stated this in an interview for SPIN magazine. Just- wow. I remember his sobriety being such a huge thing when he did it, mainly because of how bad he was at the time he decided to get sober, but it's, um odd? I have friends that were close to hitting rock bottom with drinking. Blacking out, waking up next to strangers, whole nine yards. For them it wasn't about having to get sober it was about reviewing their life and looking at what was leading them down that path. And once they fixed that the drinking thing fell in line. But they did quit drinking because it was something they had to do in order to get control of everything else. No names, obviously, because that's personal info and I know some of you irl. There is a difference between alcohol and drugs being a crutch for a bigger issue and alcohol being an addiction. For Erik, it's an addiction. He simply cannot drink. There is no glass of wine from time to time, no going out for beers after a hard day at work. He's tried it, it doesn't work for him.

I'm going on a cruise this weekend with my mom. It's the Bud Light Party Cruise. Yup, she won the tickets on the radio. The band was supposed to be Stone Temple Pilots and they canceled because of Scott Weiland's reoccurring problems. I grew up with them. I hope that for all this is drinking was just something that Gerard did in excess to cover up something else, and not a path he'll be going down again. Once again, difference between having a drinking problem and a drinking addiction. It's a fine line, but it's a line. Just really hope he's on the proper side.

And that is the first and only time you will see me get personal on here about a celebrity.

Now I'm going bake peanut butter cookies. Hope they don't suck.

ETA: They didn't suck. They rocked the Casbah!



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