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yo yo yo YO

I know I haven't updated in forever and that's not really going to change right now. So much as been going on work wise. Nothing good but it's looking up. The kid is still doing great. I've been stressed out. I got an iPhone. I love it. jessicakmalfoy will be here in one week. I've been more social since I've been out of school and I've seen and talked more to my friends in the past few weeks than I've been able to do in the past how ever many months it's been. I missed them. I'm getting crushes again which is new since I haven't really looked at a guy in more than a year. Hell, probably closer to two if I'm honest. Random making out doesn't count.

Went to a parade tonight. First one in years I actively went to and didn't just end up at because school let out and it was going on across the street. The kid had a blast which was a first because he hates parades. It's nice to not be in the service industry at jobs that require me to work during parades. If I don't work I'm taking Muskrat to Barkus (the dog parade) on Sunday.

Funny enough I still check my flist, and I comment. I just don't update. Now I'm going to sleep.

Oh! And I watched Ladyhawke. WTF 80s?


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Feb. 27th, 2011 03:53 am (UTC)
wow I haven't seen ladyhawk in...years and years. In my memoery it was
omg-awesome!! Do I want to rewatch it now, do you think?

I'm totaly there with the lack of postage. In my case it was a lack of comment-age, but it seems that LJ sucks you right back in, even if you've left it for a year or three oO

iPhones are love.

So are crushes!
Feb. 27th, 2011 04:43 am (UTC)
I have a kink about a mile long for a young Mathew Broderick (I went to twitter with it, so it's documented as "real life" now) so YES, watch it again!

I missed having crushes! OMG! I'm going on dates and making out with a purpose and yay! for crushes. I just acquired another one that I know will go nowhere but it makes my belly warm :D
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