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the choice of many is the answer for few- idk, I'm tired.

I got my key today!

I've been scoring craigslist for a certain type of table that I want and I want it to be ugly so I can refinish it. For those of you who may not know before Katrina I stained and finished my entire living room set and a dining room table. The table hit the trash a few years ago and I need a new one, but, you know, a not new one. I have a project in mind and I love fucking with old furniture. Only thing is I want it to have metal legs. Not the easiest to find. Mom found me a free table and two chair set on her freecycle group to make due until I find mine but I have a feeling I'll have better luck hitting the thrift stores in the city and it may take a few months for what I want to show up. I've checked into it new and amazon has something that's perfect but with shipping it's gonna be over $300. It just makes no sense for me to buy something new when I want to ruin the top of it to make it something else. It's less fun that way.

The kid loves the place! I mean, he really loves it. He's so excited about having his own room and the back yard made him happy. We're going to make a compost site and box it in. Also, grow things! I'm going to have to research which veggies take the least about of care because I'm too busy to really garden but I'm sure there's some things that we can grow that aren't high maintenance.

I got an awesome little note in the mail today from jessicakmalfoy which is funny considering I just picked up a postcard like thing to mail to her today. She'll understand what I mean by that when she gets it ;)

Remember years ago when I did some kind of post card exchange community? Anyone interested in something like that?
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