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Everyone knows I make impulse buys.... so I brought back my Kindle and got a Nook instead. Touch screen is just so much easier. Also, no need to figure out how to hack it since it's made to be customizable. Yeah, better choice.

I have a house guest right now. My friend Aviva is staying with me until the day before we leave. It's nice to have an adult in the house, makes me miss having a room mate a bit. But the difference is I know she's leaving. Also, I'm never home. It's fun to have her dog to play with, though.

Random, random, random- I'm getting eaten by mosquitoes right now. I think I'm dinner.

I'm almost done with the Fablehaven series. Then it will be on to The Hunger Games so certain people *cought*jessicakmalfoy*cough* can stop telling me to read it.

I have nothing really up there to report. Life is calm. Muskrat enjoys fencing and school, I work and read. That's really about it. Life is kinda boring right now.



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Sep. 17th, 2011 03:15 am (UTC)
ah don't hate! LOL you're gonna LOVE that book.

aislynn wants a nook soooo bad. i was saving points from work to get one for us her but my new job doesn't give the same kinda points....
Sep. 18th, 2011 07:51 pm (UTC)
So I just broke down and bought Muskrat one. There are so many ways to share and just GET books that it saves us money in the long run. Get one so we can be nook buddies and lend each other books! I have tons I could send you already.

And I should be starting the Hunger Games when we're there. I'm putting it on his as well.

I will be the devil on your shoulder whispering in your ear.... buy a Nook
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