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Life as I know it.

Let's see... update, update, update.

I got back on the dieting train. Heavy precise calorie counting, tons of running, and a distinct lack of Frappuccinos in my life leads to me being 13 lbs lighter so far. Yes, so far. I still have 34 lbs left to go.

Disney is in 22 days!!!! Muskrat has never been and I'm super excited. I haven't been since I was his age, maybe 2 years older. We're going with Asshole Ex so I'm being all smilie now while I have to. I'm going to be stuck in another state with him for 8 days, I don't need any drama before we leave.

And the biggest news- I quit Blue Cliff today. It boils down to a few things. They've given me three job titles and no raise. I asked for one three weeks ago and the DoE didn't bother to get back to me. I made sure to give a dead line when I asked, too. Also, I miss doing consistent table massage. I'm turning down work left and right because of some stupid $10 an hour job that stresses me out. I make about $370 every two weeks after taxes there for working four days a week and more than a few times I've been asked to come in on my off day. I have been in my field for a year and I need more experience and I'm not getting it by working there. So I put in my two weeks today. It was all done amicably and I was told I could come back whenever I want. I really like it there but then it because too much for not enough. I already have another job doing outcalls to hotels in the area- and I mean places like the Windsor Court. For what I'm getting paid there all I have to do is three massages a week and that makes up for what I'm missing at Blue Cliff, not to mention that when Joe now calls me to pick up shifts I can (Joe is my boss at the casino/Whole Foods stuff I do).

I've seen The Hunger Games movie twice now. I went with some wonderful peeps to the midnight show and again Wednesday that just passed. So. Very. Awesome. I've also been able to spend a lot more time with my oops_in_the_apt and now that I don't work at BC that will be something I can wing more as well.

It's raining so I can't jog, which means I will Zumba on my Kinect for the first time. I also bought an inverted sit-up bench and now that my tummy is doing the flat thing again (seriously, guys, today is the first time in almost a year I wore a skirt and tank top with any sort of confidence) it's time to tone it up.

If anymore wants to get on my YAY LET'S LOSE WEIGHT train feel free to text me. Right now I'm being kinda obsessive so it's all I'm talking about. Ask poor jessicakmalfoy, she's been subjected to all my diet/exercise/weight texts :/

Have I ever mentioned I love her for putting up with me?
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