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Here's something real

I was talking to jessicakmalfoy the other day and I mentioned I haven't been on any social media thing lately. I've almost abandoned my twitter and FB is purely superficial at this point. I'd like to say it's because I have no time, and that's kinda the truth. I just quit Blue Cliff and my last week was last week but this week I've been working myself into the ground for my other jobs because we leave for Disney Friday night and, hey, I want to leave with BANK.

There's always so much going on in life. I feel like there's not but there really is. This year alone I'm going to Disney for a week, Denver for my birthday, Atlanta for Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend, and Jess is coming in October! Next year I know I will be in Virginia for June 13th because that's when my bro and his woman set the date for. Other than that I haven't planned the next big trip but I want to try to take Muskrat someplace every year and he really wants to go to Dragon Con next year- we'll see.

It's weird, it's like I've finally looked at life. I've always worked my ass off for that time somewhere down the line where I can enjoy it and I finally decided that now is that time. Class is still going well and I got offered a job today massaging at a physical therapist's office. I get to call when we get back to talk availability. I'm leaving Lush at the end of May and I'm thinking about getting a part time job at the Body Shop because I like my little retail on the side work. It keeps me sane.

I'll try to be better. Poke me on FB and tell me to update! Hell, text me too. I just read through the past week, but I haven't commented but know I send hugs to the three in particular who seemed to have needed it.

Now, to sleep before two more days of doubles and then ROAD TRIP!!!


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Apr. 20th, 2012 02:58 am (UTC)
have fun! don't let E get to you on this trip. just enjoy it.

Apr. 22nd, 2012 03:53 am (UTC)
Dude, it is so beautiful here! We,re at the All Stars Moive Resort and im so pissed we,re in the toy story section! The Fantasia section is gorgeous!

Thinking about not doing Harry Potter tomorrow but i havent told kid yet. Hes really not that excited & wants to go to water parks instead.

Also, i need to figure out how to betteruse my Galexy Tablet it's awesome but i bet there's a better way to type than i am.
Apr. 22nd, 2012 04:36 am (UTC)
Movie resort is the cutest!! We stayed in the Herbie section. Don't feel too bad- you have to pay more to do Fantasia. Those are premiere rooms. You're thinking of not going to HP AT ALL?!?!?!
Apr. 23rd, 2012 02:15 am (UTC)
Since u got my texts u know we went and WOW
Apr. 22nd, 2012 06:08 am (UTC)
Buuuut clearly I've also been bad at LJ and such, so I didn't see this post.

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