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Isaac, a week back in the city

I had promised crazy_lil_loud1 a real update about my Isaac experience on FB, I really don't like getting personal on there, so here it is.

What made it suck was that my house was robbed while I was in Baton Rouge evacuating. I had to practically beg my mom to check on my place because the roads were flooded and I couldn't get back to NOLA, so Friday morning (of last week) was when it was discovered.

I really don't know how I feel about all of it. Yes, I feel violated. Someone was in my house, with out my knowledge, and went through my stuff. And for what they all took it was not just one person, it was at least two. My tv is (was) huge. They took all the electronics in my house. My living room tv, Muskrat's Xbox and Wii as well as all his games, the Bluray player in the living room, my Galaxy Tablet that I stupidly left, the 24 inch tvs in my room and Muskrat's, my cracked screen old gen iPod touch in my massage room, and concert tickets to Bush that I had bought for jessicakmalfoy's birthday trip here. They didn't touch my jewelry box, which admittedly didn't have much of value in it anyway since all my good stuff was stolen when my storage unit was broken into over two years ago. They came for the electronics, found the tickets in my desk drawer while going through it, and left.

What I'm most concerned about are the kid's games. Even when I'm able to replace the game systems building up his games is going to take time- and they're not fucking cheap. Also, I don't get him any games that aren't completely kid friendly. So, no Grand Theft Auto or any of that other crap that some people let their young children play. These people took Mario games, The Blob, and Spyro stuff. Really, assholes?

They happened to leave the Dynex bluray player in my room so we had that, and I have amazing friends that showed up at my house the day after I got back in town with a tv because they didn't want my kid coming home to nothing. I pushed off telling him until Wednesday, when his dad brought him back. He took it well, a lot better than I did when I was his age and it happened to my mom and me.

I just don't like that people were here in my home. How can it really feel like home again? I'm getting an alarm installed next week, and renters insurance when I finally replace some of this stuff because that's what sucks the most about all this- the money. It's been a crappy summer and I really can't even afford to go out and buy him all this crazy stuff. Luckily Amazon has great deals on used things, and the week I spent in Baton Rouge got my used to sleeping without a tv so that hasn't been an issue.

And to top it all off I read this horrible werewolf sex book because it was on sale on my Nook and I was bored in BR and OMG IT WAS SO BAD!!!! I never want to read again. Except the Doctor Who novels I bought. Because, yeah, I've got it bad.

Good note? Ticketmaster voided the tickets and they're sending me new ones so me and Jess still get to go to the show. Gavin better be worth $4,400+. That's all I'm saying. He better get naked or something.

leaving this public because people are assholes and I need to vent. Even though I'm not that pissed, more resigned.
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