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to the horrible lines and the terrible lies, it's still all the same

Busy, busy, busy- then not so much. Being sick really does slow one down.

So, what have I been done while secluded in my house?

Watched season 4 of True Blood. I missed Sookie. And Eric Northman *naked*

Watched the second half of season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. Yeah, I'll take Sookie over Elena any day. I mean it. The women in this show are stupid. And it's horribly written. Why do I watch? Ian and other hot guys with accents. I can be shallow. I'm ok with that.

I've started the Artemis Fowl series. I use the word 'started' loosely here. Muskrat started reading it and he's on the second book and obsessed so I told him I would join him. When he gets into a series and none of his friends are reading it I'll read it with him so that he can have someone to talk to about it. Only thing is when I get sick I can't focus on words so I've been at it for a week. I'm on chapter two. His father just started the Fablehaven series which the kid and I finished when we went to visit jessicakmalfoy last October. He's a year behind but it really made Muskrat happy that he was trying.

I actually kinda ranted to him today while on the phone about why I'm not happy in my profession and why I'm going back to school in January. It all started because he offered to pay the $150 a month for the class I'm dropping on Tuesday nights for medical massage. Besides the fact that I won't take money from him I made it clear that I saw no point in investing for myself in a future that I'm not going to want five years from now. How this was never what I wanted for myself but it's a better alternative to waiting tables and I happen to be good at it. It took a month of deep soul search and, not gonna lie, some help from my doctor, to realize why I've been so unhappy. I know I'm not the kind of person who can just go with the flow job wise- I have to be happy with what I do. Mostly because I'm a workaholic and my job becomes my life. I have always wanted to teach. I have always wanted to write. And I'm sofa king tired of not doing what I want and doing what everyone expects me to do. So, fuck it.


Now I'm going to watch Season 4 of Fringe. Because I can. And I own it. Because I stress shop on :D

OHOHOH!!!! Got the Saints tickets for when jessicakmalfoy comes in tonight! And got a bright red Wii to replace the one stolen. Still haven't gotten the Xbox but ordered the kid a PC instead. He needs one for school. Really hoping since the wiiU was announced that prices for other consoles will start to go down.

Hope all is well for everyone. I'd offer hugs but I don't want to get ya'll sick.
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