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I am fully moved and now live in the lovely area of Lakeview. Otherwise known as the ridiculously safe part of my city. It's weird going through the moving process again, and once again so last minute. Last time I moved into my Midcity place I was moving from my mom's so all my stuff was already in boxes. This time I had to box up a three bedroom house and move it into a two bedroom with a smaller kitchen in a matter of days.

And it was done with a bunch of help from my awesome friends and taking over half the vacation of the very understanding jessicakmalfoy. 'Cause she's not an asshole :)

Now I have to ready myself for work. If you want to know about her trip she posted pics and a short and sweet summary at her journal, so mosey over.

Funny thing about new neighborhood is new wifi names. Someone in the area has "deekinyourmouth" as their handle. Nothing but class, people. Nothing but. Then again, my old one when I lived with oops_in_the_apt was "busydownloadingp0rn" so it is what it is. Now it's TARDIS, and such is life.

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